Sunday, 26 June 2011

A completely biased and probably incredibly flawed view on change.

Hey all, first things first it's been like... forever since I posted (well it feels that way), and I have to apologize, but I have been quite the busy bee recently!

Anyway, moving on, this topic came to me by way of my younger sister. I hate to admit it but she actually got me thinking about change and how people generally "adapt" to their environment.
For example, and from a male point of view, I present the "friendzone".

In my personal opinion every male will be, at at-least one point in time during their lives, in the friendzone. Now, this post isn't about the aforementioned friendzone, but more-so about why these guys refuse to change.
Let's take two completely random names. Boris and Helga (slightly euro?) should do nicely.
Boris is madly in love with young Helga, possibly because of her amazing skills with bread and dough. Now, he does everything in and out of his power to win her over, because he thinks this is the exact right thing to do, but, as most of us know it doesn't happen like that. He gets banished to the friendzone never to be seen with her again unless for work or novelty purposes.

After weeks (months, years?) Boris finally realizes that Helga isn't worth it, he lulls himself into a false sense of security by thinking that it's not him that went wrong, it was her, surely he deserves someone better than Helga! He moves on, as hard as it is for the boy but... once again Boris makes the exact same mistake with a new ladyfriend, Gretel (who has an appetite for the humble Bratwurst.)
Now, why does he continue to make the same mistakes you ask? Well, in my opinion it's a combination of problems. Boris could be unfamiliar with being over-affectionate, it could be how he was brought up with a specific view on women, etc, etc.

But, there's a glimmer of hope for young Boris, because everyone changes, no matter what is said about the topic you cannot go through life without changing in some way, shape or form. All we can do is hope that Boris sees the light and moves toward it, completely changing his perspective of how he should be around women. Or he follows this guide.

There are an infinite number of ways that we change during our lives
We change the way we dress, and by doing so we get viewed differently by people who we've never met.
We change the way we eat, sleep, exercise and all of our daily routines. This has an effect on the way we look, how we interact with people and generally how happy we are as a whole.

So, we've come to the agreement that change is, in most cases good. Can you imagine a world without change? We would be robots of sorts. Brought up a specific way, to like specific things, and to take interest in specific subjects. This bothers me. Imagine never being able to think for yourself, not being able to even flaunt with the idea of doing something "differently". Ultimately I personally think that's the way the world is heading, society is becoming more and more homogenized, listening to the same music, watching the same shows and sharing the exact same interests.

I say there's no greater need for change than the present, by not changing ourselves now, we run the risk of future generations being force-fed even more garbage than most people are currently digesting by way of television and media.

I say think for yourself, do something different, you were born an original, don't die a copy.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Calvin Harris, Martin Solveig

Little update today with two Audiosurf videos made by yours truly.

The song in question below is Calvin Harris ft. Kelis - Bounce
Great tune, and I had a lot of fun playing it on Audiosurf (seriously, get this game.)

Lastly, this one is Martin Solveig - The Night Out

Props to people for showing me these tunes, if you have any songs that you would like me to play on Audiosurf and upload, let me know :D

Until next time, cheers for reading!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Man vs. Wild, basement edition.

It's a Saturday morning, and after a long sleepless night of defeating dragons on the internet...
^, <, ^, x, v, o, o, shoryuken

Our resident neckbeard is feeling peckish, perhaps a treat of sorts will satisfy his raging hunger pains.
He slowly gets up and awkwardly shuffles his way to the kitchen, only to find that it's been two weeks since his mother restocked the fridge.

Milk, eggs and an apple. These measly scraps are not worthy of even being in the presence of Master-Slayer Neckbeard. Hearing the call of his stomach, our hero weighs up his options, starve or go on a magical journey to the Outside and collect treats. To his distaste, he chooses the second option.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Courtship, then and now.

So, we've all been at that level of boredom during an afternoon, that the only option is to turn on the T.V. and watch the midday/afternoon movie, normally an old favorite like Casablanca or The Red Shoes. Well I was like that just the other day and watching these films made me think, specifically about how things were, and how they are now with "courtship".

Everything was "proper" back then, there was a firm set of rules to dating and everything that went with it. If you were a guy, you dressed neatly, normally a suit of sorts and you charmed your date as if she were a snake and you held the flute. And what amazes me is that this was all serious, you couldn't deviate from the very straight path that was dating, it was just unheard of. All of the rules etc weren't just corny things to do (like they are now), they were legitimate means of acquiring a partner.

Wearing a suit to a Diner, keen?

Now, we'll look at how things normally happen in this day and age.
First we need alcohol, it's almost a staple in the modern day courtship diet.

*Poof* Suddenly a party appears.

Monday, 6 June 2011

It's like a shower, but more awesome.

Are you tired of the same old 10-minute shower every day?
Do you get bored with looking the same every time you get in, and out of your shower?
Do you want more out of those precious... precious minutes you spend in the bathroom?
Well! Look no further! I present to you my comprehensive guide to making showers awesome.

Step 1 - Try dancing in the shower.
You would be surprised at how much fun can be had just by doing a little jig whilst washing your bits.

What you think you look like. 

What you actually look like.         

Sunday, 5 June 2011

This is me giving a f%#k.

So, I woke up today and began my morning ritual. Stumbled out of bed, turned ze kettle on, put assorted ingredients into a cup that will make coffee, stumbled back to my room, turned on computer, got dressed, back to kitchen, made coffee, back to room, fell into my chair and checked what everyone was up to on Facebook etc. I couldn't help but notice how melancholy everybody was feeling today. It got me thinking. Why so sad for? Surely our lives aren't that horrible to warrant complaining about them every day, right?
I mean, we have clean water, food, a house to sleep in, cars, clothes, music, television, internet, all these luxuries that a lot of the worlds population doesn't actually have. We're all caught up in our not-so-hard lives to realize what's going on around us, and how great we've all got it.

So! We need to stop being like this,

And be more like this!

I say, do whatever makes you happy in your spare time, don't be running around after everyone elses problems. Put yourself as number one and do what you want to do.
This is one of my favorite quotes ever, "If you wait too long for the perfect moment, the perfect moment will pass you by."

So, cheer up. Nothing is as bad as it seems.

Adios (:

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Rizzle Kicks, Mac Miller!

Two new videos today! The first one coming from Rizzle Kicks, a relatively new duo to enter the scene.
Their style is great, these guys make some incredible music, and being only young I can see them going far! I've had this song on repeat for a few days now. Check it out!

A few other great songs from Rizzle Kicks-

For any more info on Rizzle Kicks, head to their official site at

Secondly, Mac Miller. There's not much I can say about this artist. Words cannot describe how much I enjoy his music. My favorite can be found below, with a few other great tunes accompanying the video.

Honorable mentions- (this song is already huge, check it out.)

Miller's official site-

Enjoy the tunes! (:

Friday, 3 June 2011

Meet Oscar!

Ok, just a quick update today with a picture of young Oscar!

He's a pure Birman, loves to sleep all day and he eats... so... much... food. Which I'm actually okay with, considering his fluffiness and slightly larger build means he keeps my feet just that little bit warmer at night!

I was considering following him around the house all day and waiting for him to do something stupid, so I could capture it on camera and make a hilarious caption, but really, I haven't seen him leave that bed in around 3 hours. So please, forgive me for the not so animated picture.

I imagine the next time we'll be seeing Oscar here, it could be a short video of him taking a ride on my head around the house, he loves that.

Lesson 101 - Audiosurf and you.

Hey there! Firstly, cheers for reading. It's great to know at least one (1) person is reading this!
I come to you today with a recording of Audiosurf, a game I discovered around two years ago if I remember correctly, It's basically guitar hero for PC. Personally I enjoy this a lot more than G/H, but each to their own.

Feel free to check out the video posted below! Played by yours truly ;)

Finally, great song, great game! This is played on the highest settings possible, so they can be toned down quite a lot, making the game perfect for the everyday user.

Once again, cheers for reading! Enjoy the video!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Le First Post!

Hey there! 

Well, this seems to be my first post. Probably should make it memorable, or something, for when I look back at my past achievements and bask in their glory. Whatever.
You can expect regular updates of videos, pictures, quotes and links to excellent music from here. Some of the pictures with the spotlight on my cat, Oscar. Videos with the spotlight on myself playing ridiculous games, and text with great quotes from great people!

Well! I should get back to doing what I had my mind preoccupied with before this, it was most likely nothing... Anywho, take care!

Oh, here's a picture of Ringo Starr. I'm fascinated by this image, i'm yet to learn why.