Monday, 2 April 2012

Growing up, and how to be awesome.

First things first, it's actually been a long, long time since I've posted. Hopefully people still use this site and will actually read this blog again. I'm going to try my very best to get back into writing, time has been quite precious recently for me. Which brings me to the actual topic at hand.

Growing up. We all have to do it at some point in time during our lives, or you end up like this.

Or worse, you could end up like that and struggle to spell "childhood".

We don't want to end up as a smelly vagrant feeling constant nostalgia for those better times.
"Help!" you cry from your rooftop, in that middle-class estate you currently live in, in the four bedroom house your parents are still paying off, as you read this on your iPhone that you're struggling to pay for each month but feel you have to own. You realize how ridiculous you must look, perched on the roof in your pj's, so you make your way back inside to your bedroom, being careful not to wake your parents (oh how they hate to be woken up on a work night) and nestle into your bed. You open up your laptop that your parents supplied to you for university or some other education, in vain hope you would actually do something. But, it's been years since you finished high school and every day that goes by you seem to be losing any motivation to be something, to actually become the success story your parents hoped you would be when they both grunting in pleasure, as your dad thrust his way to climax and, with a sullen look to his now-wife said "sorry love, I forgot to wrap it." Then. Came. You.

This right here is the problem, that little tale was kinda what my life has been like for the last say, three years. But I finally caught the scent, I got paid, I took the needle filled with dollars and poked that painful little bastard into every inch of my body (there's quite a few inches, by the way.)
Now it's like I can't get enough, I want to do things, I want to learn super awesome cool things so that I can put those super awesome cool things to use and get PAID. Thursday nights to me are exactly like heading out for a walk, finding my dealer and having him say "Hey man! For all the great work you've done here's some free narcotics, no, please! I insist!" And off I trot, arms full of chemicals just waiting to be inhaled. I feel as though I'm getting way, way off track. So let me say this, get a job, yes there's a recession of some description happening at the moment, yes it's such a pain in the ass to get onto (Aus represent) and spam "apply" to everything but the truck driving and nursing jobs.

YOU WILL FEEL LIKE THIS. So seriously, do you want to feel like Jesus riding a dinosaur? Of course you do, everyone does.

Get up, do something, quit complaining, I was just like you not too long ago. That life sucks. One day you'll have kids that mean everything to you, you will want the world for them, start by giving the world to yourself.

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