Sunday, 26 June 2011

A completely biased and probably incredibly flawed view on change.

Hey all, first things first it's been like... forever since I posted (well it feels that way), and I have to apologize, but I have been quite the busy bee recently!

Anyway, moving on, this topic came to me by way of my younger sister. I hate to admit it but she actually got me thinking about change and how people generally "adapt" to their environment.
For example, and from a male point of view, I present the "friendzone".

In my personal opinion every male will be, at at-least one point in time during their lives, in the friendzone. Now, this post isn't about the aforementioned friendzone, but more-so about why these guys refuse to change.
Let's take two completely random names. Boris and Helga (slightly euro?) should do nicely.
Boris is madly in love with young Helga, possibly because of her amazing skills with bread and dough. Now, he does everything in and out of his power to win her over, because he thinks this is the exact right thing to do, but, as most of us know it doesn't happen like that. He gets banished to the friendzone never to be seen with her again unless for work or novelty purposes.

After weeks (months, years?) Boris finally realizes that Helga isn't worth it, he lulls himself into a false sense of security by thinking that it's not him that went wrong, it was her, surely he deserves someone better than Helga! He moves on, as hard as it is for the boy but... once again Boris makes the exact same mistake with a new ladyfriend, Gretel (who has an appetite for the humble Bratwurst.)
Now, why does he continue to make the same mistakes you ask? Well, in my opinion it's a combination of problems. Boris could be unfamiliar with being over-affectionate, it could be how he was brought up with a specific view on women, etc, etc.

But, there's a glimmer of hope for young Boris, because everyone changes, no matter what is said about the topic you cannot go through life without changing in some way, shape or form. All we can do is hope that Boris sees the light and moves toward it, completely changing his perspective of how he should be around women. Or he follows this guide.

There are an infinite number of ways that we change during our lives
We change the way we dress, and by doing so we get viewed differently by people who we've never met.
We change the way we eat, sleep, exercise and all of our daily routines. This has an effect on the way we look, how we interact with people and generally how happy we are as a whole.

So, we've come to the agreement that change is, in most cases good. Can you imagine a world without change? We would be robots of sorts. Brought up a specific way, to like specific things, and to take interest in specific subjects. This bothers me. Imagine never being able to think for yourself, not being able to even flaunt with the idea of doing something "differently". Ultimately I personally think that's the way the world is heading, society is becoming more and more homogenized, listening to the same music, watching the same shows and sharing the exact same interests.

I say there's no greater need for change than the present, by not changing ourselves now, we run the risk of future generations being force-fed even more garbage than most people are currently digesting by way of television and media.

I say think for yourself, do something different, you were born an original, don't die a copy.


  1. i already was stucked on a friend zone ;s

  2. What a thought-provoking post! I agree, though. If we want our lives to change, we have to change them ourselves, and ultimately, nobody but you are responsible for how you turn out.

  3. really provoking indeed. but i agree.
    great blog!

  4. great post! couldn't agree more.. change of ourselves would reflect change of the world..

  5. If you're going to change, don't do it to get in some girl/guy's pants. Do it because YOU want to change.

  6. great advice, but sometimes its just better to change for good reasons, not just liking someone else

  7. Nice post, looking forward to the next one :)

  8. Sometimes I really hate the "friend zone"... I mean, some girls just don't get the vibes you are trying to send them.

  9. I've never really been stuck in the friend zone, mainly because I don't have any friends :(

  10. Deep one. Except maybe the pic of the money ride up from friend zone to relationship.

  11. you are right. really deep!

  12. I was in the friend zone once. Fought my way out of it like a man.