Saturday, 4 June 2011

Rizzle Kicks, Mac Miller!

Two new videos today! The first one coming from Rizzle Kicks, a relatively new duo to enter the scene.
Their style is great, these guys make some incredible music, and being only young I can see them going far! I've had this song on repeat for a few days now. Check it out!

A few other great songs from Rizzle Kicks-

For any more info on Rizzle Kicks, head to their official site at

Secondly, Mac Miller. There's not much I can say about this artist. Words cannot describe how much I enjoy his music. My favorite can be found below, with a few other great tunes accompanying the video.

Honorable mentions- (this song is already huge, check it out.)

Miller's official site-

Enjoy the tunes! (:


  1. That is indeed quite enjoyable. Thank you for the post! Following!

  2. Nikes on my feet is such an amazing title for a song. It sounds real good too!

  3. oh man, this stuff is intense

  4. Nice beats dude, dig your taste

  5. Sounds great! Thanks for sharing

  6. Not my kinda music but I actually understand why people would be into this, unlike the majority of shit people listen to

  7. awesome stuff mmmm

  8. Yeah Nikes on my feet was my ringtone for the longest time. best day ever was definitely one of my favorite mixtapes.